Kurdish 78s

by: Amir Mansour


First of all, I must thank  Serdar C , Gokhan Aya and specially Kamal Raoof Mohammad, who push me to update this page by their deep data and researches for Kurdish records and completing or correcting my information. I do my best to find all possible records and many of them are very valuable and unique records even some EPs of 1960's. I have used Kamal Raoof Mohammad's articles and their very useful data on Iraqi Kurdish recordings and some documents who has sent to me as Gokhan Aya has helped me by some catalogs.

Kurdish 78 rpm recordings in Iran:

What I have ever found, are recordings for Polyphon, Baidaphon and Parlophon between two World Wars:

1929 - Polyphon: Recording 10 record (20 sides) by Seyyed Ali Asghar Kurdestani (1882-1937) in Tehran (V41451V41461 V41462) manufactured in Germany. Just one of his records has transferred to a private and very limited edition EP.

1930 - Baidaphon: Recordings by Madame Blanche (B 090362) in Tehran.

1932- Parlophon: Recordings by Haj khan Sadegholmolki Kurdestani in Tehran

1932- Parlophon: Recordings by Mowlavizadeh Kurdestani in Tehran (mainly recorded for Baidaphon and then transferred to Carl Lindstrum labels). lyrics and catalog numbers B 092297/8 - B 092437/8 & B 092439/40 from the Baidaphon catalog.

1939- Sodwa: Recording by M. B. (Malakeh Boroomand, who was aPersian female singer) in Aleppo - Syria

and recordings of after World War II with Persian or Kurdish lyrics:

1947 - Columbia: Recordings by Alborzi in Tehran (GP 135 - GP 136)

1947 - Odeon: Recordings by Alborzi in Tehran (PLP 20 - PLP 21)

1947 - Musical Record: Recordings by Alborzi in Tehran (MRC 107A)


Kurdish 78 rpm recordings in Iraq:

22 sides recordings for HMV (N11001/22) in late 1930's in Iraq and manufactured in India: Mariam khanom (N11004) and Jamil Agha ben Said (N11010).

Recordings for Columbia in late 1940's in Iraq and manufactured in UK by Nasrin Shirwan (GIA 28), Aziz Agha (GIA 36), Hassan Jazrawi (GIA 89) and Mohammad Aref Jazrawi (GIA 1001).

Recordings for Columbia in early 1950's manufactured in Pakistan by Hassan Jazrawi (GIA 139) and Abdulaziz Mohammad (GIA 142).

Between "Chakmakchiphone" Iraqi records in mid 50's, there are some Kurdish Muqam recordings by Saeed Agha Jazrawi pressed in Pakistan (OJME71, OJME72).


Kurdish 78 rpm recordings in Turkey:

There are 7 Orfeon Kurdish records (778, 779, 783 & 784 by Mohammad Effendi and 780, 781 & 782 by Hassan Effendi) reported in their general catalog of pre 1920.

Please send me your comments and any more data to complete the page.