NAVA-YE-IRAN; Persian 78 rpm records, made in Bombay

by: Amir Mansour

(Thanks to Mr. Farid Rezayy who has helped me in discography)


صفحه های نوای ایران: ضبط فارسی و تولید در بمبئی - هند

امیر منصور

 (با تشکر از آقای فرید رضایی به خاطر کمک در تهیه دیسکوگرافی)

مقاله های مرتبط : سایر لیبل های فارسی تولید هند عبارتند از صفحه های یانگ ایران Young Iran ، دلبر Delbar و طهران


from: The Persian Discography Journal # 29

Between two world wars, the last session for recording in Tehran, took place in 1933 and "His Master's Voice" and "Columbia" recorded their first and last Persian series after the world economical crisis of 1929 and merging main record companies and in the days that EMI was standing on new bases. In the new policy of EMI, Persian recordings had a small market and sending experts and equipments for new recording sessions in Tehran has not enough benefit. From 1933 to 1947, there is no recording session in Tehran but there are recordings by Iranian artists in Germany (Berlin), Syria (Aleppo) and Iraq (Baghdad) before the second World War and the records were produced by "Odeon", "SODWA" and "Neayem Records". The first was based on invitation and investment of Odeon company and the others were based on the investment of the local record distributors.

After the second World War, the first Persian records were recorded and produced in India (Bombay) in 1946. The National Gramophone Company MFG - LTD of Bombay produced the Persian series with the Label "Young Iran", similar to well-known "Young India" label of 1930's and 1940's.

Next year and in 1947, Mehdi Khaledi who was the composer and violin player in Young Iran records returned to Bombay with a young female singer, named "Delkash - دلکش" who then changed to a famous star. Khaledi's orchestra in this session had two other musicians. "Ali Zahedi" who was a singer and Zarb (Tombak) player and a near friend of Khaledi who had participated in the first recording session in Mumbai. "Nasrollah Zarrinpanjeh" was the other member and Tar player of Khaledi's orchestra and the composer of few of their recordings.

It is told they have recorded 90 sides (45 records) but what is found yet is less than 20 records, 33 sides are documented and are shown in table below. The first registered matrix number is I9527 for the record numbered IR10 and the last found matrix number, is I9581 and both of their label are shown. The low and poor quality of the records has helped them to be damaged so a lot of them are not in reach as no catalog of these records is available to make somebody able to complete the list of "NAVA-YE-IRAN" records.


See also: Young Iran, Delbar and Tehran labels for more info Indian manufactured Persian records


ترانه سرا آهنگ / نوازندگان خواننده عنوان IR I
    دلکش محلی گیلان: های دلبر 10 9527
    دلکش محلی گیلان: های یار هی یار 10 9530
شهابی گیلانشاه دلکش تصنیف اصفهان- پیام عشق (1) 2 9532
اتابکی   زاهدی، علی محلی شیراز- فردوس 20 9533
شهابی گیلانشاه دلکش تصنیف اصفهان- پیام عشق (2) 2 9534
اتابکی   زاهدی، علی اصفهان- مونس دل 20 9535
  خالدی (ویولون) دلکش بیات اصفهان- بیاد تو (1) 7 9536
  خالدی (ویولون) دلکش بیات اصفهان- بیاد تو (2) 7 9537
خالقی خالقی دلکش بیات ترک: نیکی 1 3 9538
خالقی خالقی دلکش بیات ترک: نیکی 2 3 9539
      محلی گیلان: جونی جونی 11 9540
اتابکی   زاهدی، علی شور: نگار زیبا 19 9541
  خالدی  دلکش رقص پروانه- 1 4 9542
  خالدی  دلکش رقص پروانه- 2 4 9546
    دلکش محلی گیلان: شوخ و شنگه 11 9555
    دلکش محلی گیلان: ربابه 12 9556
    دلکش محلی گیلان: لیلی 12 9557
جلی خالدی دلکش سه گاه: ناله شب (1) 15 9558
جلی خالدی دلکش سه گاه: ناله شب (2) 15 9559
    زاهدی، علی دوست 22 9560
  جلی دلکش تصنیف شور: گل من (1) 6 9563
اتابکی   زاهدی، علی محلی کردستان: رقص چوبی 19 9567
اتابکی   زاهدی، علی محلی شیراز: برگ بیدی 18 9568
  خالدی (ویولون) دلکش محلی گیلان: امیری 9 9570
  زرین پنجه دلکش ضربی دشتی 13 9571
    دلکش محلی گیلان: ثریا 13 9572
اتابکی   زاهدی، علی محلی شیراز: آرزوی یکشب 18 9574
  خالدی (ویولون) دلکش منصوری بیاد شوشتری 9 9576
  خالدی (ویولون) - زرین پنجه (تار) دلکش سه گاه 8 9579
  خالدی (ویولون) - زرین پنجه (تار) دلکش مخالف سه گاه 8 9580
حالت   زاهدی، علی تصنیف شور شیرین 22 9581