Rare voices of Persian 78 rpm shellac records

by: Amir Mansour


Here you can here another samples of rare recordings in Persian cultural area from 78 rpm records:

1906: Gramophone Concert Record G. C. 4- 12021, Ghorban Khan (vocal) + Mirza GholamReza Shirazi (Tar), recorded in Tehran 

1909: Gramophone Concert Record G. C. 7-12153, RezaGholi Khan (vocal) + Moshir Homayoun (piano), recorded in London 

1912: Gramophone Concert Record G. C. 14-12575 & G. C. 14-12576, Zari Khanom (Vocal) + Arshak Khan (Tar), recorded in Tehran 

1914: Monarch-Record: 98344, Abolhassan Khan Iqbalossoltan (vocal) + Bagher Khan (Kamancheh), recorded in Tiflis

1915: Monarch-Record: 98893 & 98894 Armenian songs (hear: 98893 - 98894), recorded in Tiflis (Please send me the translation of label text)